Philosophical Reflections

An Evolutionary Argument for a Self-Explanatory, Benevolent Metaphysics (pages 143-166)
Author: Ward Blondé
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Visual Arguments and Moral Causes in Charity Advertising: Ethical Considerations (pages 167-185)
Author: Ioana Grancea
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Contre la prestance du déterminisme social: Bourdieu et Melançon (pages 187-200)
Author: Maja Alexandra Nazaruk
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Social Science Investigations

Understanding Moral Judgments: The Role of the Agent’s Characteristics in Moral Evaluations (pages 203-213)
Author: Emilia Alexandra Antonese
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The Role of Motivational Persistence and Resilience over the Well-being Changes Registered in Time (pages 215-241)
Author: Cristina Maria Bostan
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Individual Differences in Emotion and Thought Regulation Processes: Implications for Mental Health and Wellbeing (pages 243-258)
Author: Cornelia Măirean
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Information about authors (pages 259-260)
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