EMAAN: An Evolutionary Multiverse Argument against Naturalism (pages 113-128)
Author: Ward Blondé
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Empedocles without Horseshoes. Delphi’s Criticism of Large Sacrifices (pages 129-146)
Author: David Hernández Castro
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Impartiality or Oikeiôsis? Two Models of Universal Benevolence (pages 147-169)
Author: Landon Frim
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The Expansionist View of Systematic Testimonial Injustice: South Asian Context (pages 171-181)
Author: Kazi A S M Nurul Huda
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The Exemplar Approach to Science and Religion (pages 183-193)
Author: Seungbae Park
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The Dissolution of the Social Contract in to the Unfathomable Perpetuity of Caste: Questions of Nature, the State, Inequality, and Sovereignty in Hobbes, Hegel, and Ambedkar (pages 195-217)
Author: Rajesh Sampath
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