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The Expansionist View of Systematic Testimonial Injustice: South Asian Context (pages 171-181)

Kazi A S M Nurul Huda ABSTRACT: In this paper, I offer an expansionist view of the Frickerian central case of testimonial injustice, citing examples from the South Asian context. To defend this expansionist position, I provide an argument in three parts. First, I argue that credibility deficit and credibility excess are entangled with each other in such a way ... Read More »

Social Epistemology Transformed: Steve Fuller’s Account of Knowledge as a Divine Spark for Human Domination (pages 191-205)

William T. Lynch ABSTRACT: In his new book, Knowledge: The Philosophical Quest in History, Steve Fuller returns to core themes of his program of social epistemology that he first outlined in his 1988 book, Social Epistemology. He develops a new, unorthodox theology and philosophy building upon his testimony in Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District in defense of intelligent design, ... Read More »

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