Philosophical Reflections

Citizen Skeptic: Cicero’s Academic Republicanism (pages 275–285)
Author: Scott Aikin
Keywords: , Abstract |  Full article

Dialectical Strategic Planning in Aristotle (pages 287–309)
Author: Iovan Drehe
Keywords:   Abstract |  Full article

A Sketch of a Humane Education: A Capability Approach Perspective (pages 311–321)
Author: Kevin Ross Nera
Keywords:       Abstract |  Full article

Intellectual Property, Globalization, and Left-Libertarianism (pages 323–345)
Author: Constantin Vică
Keywords:        Abstract |  Full article


Inquiries in Political Theory

From Moral Responsibility to Legal Responsibility in the Conduct of War (pages 347–362)
Author: Lavinia Andreea Bejan
Keywords:     Abstract |  Full article

Perennialism and Modernism in Romanian National-Communism. An Ideological Dilemma? (pages 363–371)
Author: Emanuel Ciocianu-Copilaș
Keywords:     Abstract |  Full article

Conflicts and Instability in the Contemporary Security Environment (pages 373–385)
Author: Olesea Ţaranu
Keywords:     Abstract |  Full article


Social Science Investigations

Ethical Competence for Teachers: A Possible Model (pages 387–403)
Author: Roxana-Maria Ghiațău
Keywords:    Abstract |  Full article



Will Economic Globalization Result in Cultural Product Homogenization, in Theory and Practice? (pages 405-418)
Author: Todd J. Barry
Keywords:     Abstract |  Full article


Information about authors (pages 419-420)
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