Does Marilyn Strathern Argue that the Concept of Nature Is a Social Construction? (pages 437-442)

Terence Rajivan Edward ABSTRACT: It is tempting to interpret Marilyn Strathern as saying that the concept of nature is a social construction, because in her essay “No Nature, No Culture: the Hagen Case” she tells us that the Hagen people do not describe the world using this concept. However, I point out an obstacle to interpreting her in this way, an ... Read More »

H.O.T. Theory, Concepts, and Synesthesia: A Reply to Adams and Shreve (pages 443-448)

Rocco J. Gennaro ABSTRACT: In response to Fred Adams and Charlotte Shreve’s (2016) paper entitled “What Can Synesthesia Teach Us about Higher Order Theories of Consciousness?”, previously published in Symposion, I argue that H.O.T. theory does have the resources to account for synesthesia and the specific worries that they advance in their paper, such as the relationship between concepts and experience ... Read More »

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