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Research articles

A Methodology for Teaching Logic-Based Skills to Mathematics Students (pages 259-292)

Arnold Cusmariu ABSTRACT: Mathematics textbooks teach logical reasoning by example, a practice started by Euclid; while logic textbooks treat logic as a subject in its own right without practical application to mathematics. Stuck in the middle are students seeking mathematical proficiency and educators seeking to provide it. To assist them, the article explains in practical detail how to teach logic-based ... Read More »

Multiculturalism, or the Vile Logic of Late Secularism. The Case of Anders Breivik (pages 293-308)

Ignaas Devisch ABSTRACT: More than four years ago, Anders Breivik launched his apocalyptic raid in Norway. His killing raid was not an action standing on its own but a statement to invite people to read his manifesto called 2083. A European Declaration of Independence. The highly despicable and disgusting mission of Anders Breivik addresses us whether we like it or ... Read More »

Good Fit versus Meaning in Life (pages 309-324)

Wim de Muijnck ABSTRACT: Meaning in life is too important not to study systematically, but doing so is made difficult by conceptual indeterminacy. An approach to meaning that is promising but, indeed, conceptually vague is Jonathan Haidt’s ‘cross-level coherence’ account. In order to remove the vagueness, I propose a concept of ‘good fit’ that a) captures central aspects of meaning ... Read More »

Blame for Nazi Reprisals (pages 325-335)

George Schedler ABSTRACT: I examine the blameworthiness of the resistance for Nazi reprisals in three morally disturbing cases which occurred in Nazi occupied Europe. I have organized my argument in the following way. After describing the cases, I propose a set of criteria for assessing the degree to which actors are blameworthy for the deaths of innocents. Using these criteria, ... Read More »

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