Research articles 3_2

Family Autonomy and Class Fate (pages 131-149)

Gideon Calder ABSTRACT: The family poses problems for liberal understandings of social justice, because of the ways in which it bestows unearned privileges. This is particularly stark when we consider inter-generational inequality, or ‘class fate’ – the ways in which inequality is transmitted from one generation to the next, with the family unit ostensibly a key conduit. There is a recognized ... Read More »

Reparations for Recent Historical Injustices. The Case of Romanian Communism (pages 151-162)

Horaţiu Traian Crişan ABSTRACT: The debate concerning the legitimacy of awarding reparations for historical injustices focuses on the issue of finding a proper moral justification for granting reparations to the descendants of the victims of injustices which took place in the remote past. Regarding the case of Romanian communism as a more recent injustice, and analyzing the moral problems entailed ... Read More »

Freedoms and Rights in a Levinasian Society of Neighbors (pages 163-173)

Marlon Jesspher B. De Vera ABSTRACT: This paper attempts to argue that a radically different notion of freedoms and rights that originates from the other, that is founded on the infinite responsibility for the other, and that demands an encounter with the other as pure alterity, could be a plausible starting point towards the conception and possible realization of a ... Read More »

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