Philosophical Reflections

Consciousness (pages 11-18)
Author: Nicholas Rescher
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Conversio ad phantasmata. Gouvernement, sécurité et imagination (pages 19-31)
Author: Val Codrin Tăut
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Explorations in Humanities

On Diffident and Dissident Practices: a Picture of Romania at the End of the 19th Century (pages 35-51)
Author: Roxana Patraș
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Inquiries in Political Theory

Difficulties of Democratic Transition in Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova (pages 55-69)
Author: Silviu-Petru Grecu
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Social Science Investigations

« Articuler » vie familiale et vie professionnelle : un objectif européen dans les politiques roumaines de l’égalité des chances ? (pages 73-93)
Author: Anca Dohotariu
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Value Attainment, Orientations, and Quality-Based Profile of the Local Political Elites in East-Central Europe. Evidence from Four Towns (pages 95-123)
Author: Roxana Marin
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Information about authors (pages 125-126)
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