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The Ukrainian Maidan and its Carnivalization (pages 85-97)

Dmytro Shevchuk, Maksym Karpovets ABSTRACT: Performance theory is one of the methods that can explain dynamic and unpredictable social phenomena. The basics of our research are to be found in the artistic practices that destroyed previous classical patterns in art, while overcoming its boundaries. Accordingly, performance as a practical phenomenon has become the basis for a theoretical explanation of different …

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Declaring the Self and the Social: Intellectual Responsibility and the Politics of the Cognitive Self (pages 59-76)

Rizalino Noble Malabed ABSTRACT: The epistemological problem is traditionally expressed in the question “How do we know that we know?” The emphasis is on the relationship between the claim that we know and what it is that we know. We notice, only belatedly, that the agent who knows does not really matter in the question. The knower is but an …

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